Saturday, October 27, 2007

MY Blog

I am Sammy and this is MY Blog. MINE!

Sometimes I am called Sam, and sometimes I am called Samuel, especially if I have been doing things that are very interesting. MY professional name for when I go to the treat-getting competitions is Mister Difficult, and MY top-secret super hero name is The Saminator. But mostly I am called Sammy.

As you can see, I am very handsome. I am also a Border Collie, which means I am very smart and very handsome. Border Collies like to have jobs. MY first most important job, MY most important job of all, is making sure that other dogs do not come near MY mama. Because she is MINE. Well, MINE and MY two sisters, but we will get to them later. They live here in MY house, and for some reason MY mama likes to pet them sometimes too, so they are allowed. But no one else. A guy has to have his limits.

This is MY mama.

I could not find a real picture of her inside the time-wasting, not-playing-with-ME box, so I looked on the internets until I found a picture that looks just like she looks to ME. If you know MY mama, I think you will agree that this is pretty much what she looks like. I recognize the leash, but I don't see any treat pockets in that outfit -- that's probably why I've never seen her wear it.

I have two sisters. This one is called Ellie:

Ellie is lucky because she gets to be two kinds of dogs. She is a Border Collie and she is an English Springer Spaniel. She also thinks she is the boss of ME, mostly because she was here first. I let her think that because I am a very nice dog, and not because she sometimes chases me under the bed.

This is my other sister:

Her name is Bebe, though sometimes she is called Monkey. I used to pretend I did not like her, because she was the foster puppy that never left, and it is very difficult to protect MY mama with puppies around because they do not understand things. But Bebe was a smart puppy and since there are so many things out there that needed to be barked at, I decided to take her on as an assistant. She is also fun to chew on.

We also have a parrot named Ringo. I think he would be good to eat, but I am not allowed to find out.

The other important thing about us is that we are all rescue dogs, and rescue dogs are the best dogs. We will be cute and bring you the ball (well, Ellie will - Bebe and I think ball is pretty pointless) and bark at the squirrels and the guys who steal our big can of cool stuff at the curb every week (what is up with that?). We can share the bed and beg for treats and lick your face (a personal specialty) just as well as any other dog, and we usually come already knowing stuff. So if you need more dogs (and really, who doesn't), please consider the dogs who have no mamas to protect and lick and bring balls to.